Recently I had to go through backing up and restoring my Android phone, I chose MyBackUp Pro (Root) to do this.

  • I backed up to SD(Memory Card)
  • Copied the entire contents of the SD to my PC
  • Then I reset everything on the phone including formatting the SD card

Only when it came time to restore I found I didn’t know exactly in which folder MyBackup Pro stores its backups.

After some digging on the net, the Backups are on the SDcard in folder rerware/MyBackup so the complete path is


so I just copied the rerware folder from my PC into the SDcard and I was good to go, one thing to remember is the restore will overwrite any new data, so do the restore early.


If this doesn’t work for you try the following

Try putting the rerware folder in sdcard/sd/


Go to options in MyBackup Pro and uncheck "Use SD card for local"

Earlier today Apple had their iPad 2 launch event, at around the same time we started noticing problems with the Disqus powered commenting system on one of our websites, checking with the Disqus service status website at confirmed that the “embed” system was down and out.

As of right now things are returning to normal although they are not completely there yet.

Here is the latest update from Disqus.

Our service is almost back to normal. Some sites may experience slow loading or errors with your comment count. This however does not affect the posting of comments. The following is our post mortem report. At around 9:30am PDT, Disqus identified a big increase in response times for traffic hitting non-VIP and API servers. The problem was tied to a significant increase in volume of requests to, which overwhelmed our load balancer capacity. The immediate problem has been resolved by doubling load balancer capacity, and we are looking at options to improve capacity and availability of the API and the rest of the Disqus platform based on the lessons learned from today’s issues. We sincerely apologize for the interruptions this morning, -Giannii


Given that Disqus is used to power the commenting sections of some of the biggest technology blogs in the world, such as Engadget and Techrunch and thousands of other less known ones (such as ours Smile), it is likely that the sudden surge of both Apple fanboys and detractors overwhelmed the Disqus system. 

Happy blogging!