Windows Mobile Stockholm Metro (SL) App. Bana Plana (Beta)

THE APP IS TEMPORARILY DOWN DUE TO MAJOR CHANGES ON THE SL.SE WEB SITE, WHICH BROKE COMPATIBILITY WITH THE APP. A FIXED VERSION WILL BE UP SOON. This never happened 🙁 Bana Plana is a Windows Mobile Application to help you plan your SL trips. Its works across all the SL travel options not just the Metro, although it is optimized for the metro. I am making the Beta version available today so I can get some feedback and suggestions.

MotoDev Studio Tips

  How to load up a sample Bluetooth Program. Technorati Tags: j2me,java me,programming,project Technorati Tags: bluetooth

Love at first sight

Today Microsoft unveiled its Windows Phone 7 Series operating system, and I have say it is a thing of beauty! Love the minimalism, Bravo Microsoft! Check out the video below. And a full 20 min walkthrough here:

Mbwasi does Online Backup.

So I finally decided to invest in an online backup service. What an online backup service does is copy your local files to its own servers, then if your hard drive crashes, your laptop gets stolen or gets washed away in a Tsunami you are secure in the knowledge that your irreplaceable files can be restored with a few clicks of a mouse. What to backup? This will of course vary from person to person, here are some suggestions.