How to Fix Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines running too fast and saving problem.


Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a fantastic game, you play a group of Allied soldiers who must carry out missions against the Nazis in World War 2. Each soldier has his own set of skills and toolset, so you have to figure out how to apply them to complete the mission. the game was first released in 1998 and I can still remember playing it for hours on end on my humble Pentium I, ahhhh the good old days.

The Problem

Because the game was originally written for very slow PCs (Minimum Requirements: Pentium-133,RAM: 16 MB, Hard Drive : 100 MB) when you try to run it on a modern computer it runs too fast, everything appears in fast forward almost. The save game function is also disabled, and believe me you need to save a lot in this game.

The Solution
Download, Extract, Run Advanced Game Loader (AGL). (Download Link on Left)
In AGL, Click Options >> Add Game
In the main Tab set the name to Commandos or anything really.
In the Options Tab in the game EXE field, browse to where your Commandos.exe is installed and select it.

In CPU Mode settings slow down the CPU by some percentage, I put 50%, but it will depend on how powerful your CPU is.
Advanced game loader works really well, it doesn’t try to occupy the CPU, unlike some other CPU slow down software, which really heats up the CPU .

Some people are also having problems saving games, this can be fixed with a simple registry modification.

New URL:
Download the Reg entry and double click, then agreed to the registry changes, now you should be able to save!

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