Where does MyBackup Pro store the backup?

Recently I had to go through backing up and restoring my Android phone, I chose MyBackUp Pro (Root) to do this.

  • I backed up to SD(Memory Card)
  • Copied the entire contents of the SD to my PC
  • Then I reset everything on the phone including formatting the SD card

Only when it came time to restore I found I didn’t know exactly in which folder MyBackup Pro stores its backups.

After some digging on the net, the Backups are on the SDcard in folder rerware/MyBackup so the complete path is


so I just copied the rerware folder from my PC into the SDcard and I was good to go, one thing to remember is the restore will overwrite any new data, so do the restore early.


If this doesn’t work for you try the following

Try putting the rerware folder in sdcard/sd/


Go to options in MyBackup Pro and uncheck “Use SD card for local”