Fun with Android Markets new last 30 days Graph.

Fun with Android Markets new last 30 days graph.

The Android Market web interface recently introduced a new feature, on every app details page there is a little graph which shows the installs the App has received over the last 30 days, and I think it makes for some interesting viewing. Its fascinating how something so small can reveal so much and yet keep so much hidden at the same time.

BackStab graph



For example, taking a look at the graph for the highly polished game BackStab by Gameloft.

The game has been on the featured front page section of the market for quite some time now shows an initial slow start, then a meteoric rise (when it started being featured perhaps?) till its peak roughly 15 days ago, and now in what looks like a fall of a cliff with a few bumps on the way. This is a little surprising since you (I) would expect such a well made game which is being promoted by Gooogle on the front page to continue to get great downloads. Especially considering it has relatively few installs (5,000-10,000) so I don’t think it has saturated the market. Maybe the price $6.99 which might be more than users are used to for Android Apps is to blame.

Cut the Rope graph


The same sort of graph shape can be seen for the highly successful iPhone port Cut the Rope,

which was immediately promoted to the featured page by Google, a steep rise in installs, then hitting a peak and now a rapid (less rapid than Backstab’s) descent back down. Although cut the rope has between 100,000 and half a million downloads so perhaps a slowdown is only natural, it also has the much more customary App price of $0.99.

Robo Defence graph


And lastly lets take a look at Robo Defence (Paid), an Android main stay and one of the early successes on the Android market.

Its graphs is a bumpy horizontal line, ┬ábecause it has been on the market for way longer than 30 days we can not know if the current level of installs is “good” or “bad” compared to what it once was, but we can see that installs have largely stabilized and perhaps slowly decreasing, if i judge the slope of the graph correctly, and is that an oncoming dip towards the end I see? Robo Defence has between half a million and a million downloads at at a price of $2.99 (current price, they do change).


Happy exploring!

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