Android Jelly Bean (4.1) aims to kill Notification Ads

Annoying pop ups on your Android phone notification area? Jelly Bean to the rescue!

The new version of the Android OS 4.1 codenamed Jelly Bean introduces new features that allow the user more control over what apps can show notifications.

Improvements to the notifications allow the user to quickly find out what App displayed a notification by simply long clicking a notification, this allows the user to either uninstall the App or disable all notifications coming from the App.

Once notifications are disabled for an App that app has no way of knowing that the notifications are disabled, so as far as the App is concerned it is still showing notifications.


Google I/O 2012, what’s new in Android.

A little background on notification Ads.

Notifications Ads, which periodically pop up a Notification in the users notification bar have been popular with some developers as they provide much better revenue compared to traditional in App banner Ads, however a lot of users seem them as SPAM because they can pop up at anytime even when the not using the App and it is not always easy to identify what App actually produced the Add. These Ads are provided by advertising networks including:

Moolah Media
Urban Airship

As a result a whole bunch of Apps have been produced simply to counter and identify Apps which show Notification Ads these include:

Lookout Ad Network Detector.

AirPush Detector

Addons Detector.

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