How to convert an Android App into a Blackberry Playbook App for fun and profit! (Video)

How to use the Blackberry Plugin for Eclipse to convert your Android Apps to run on the Blackberry Playbook. This video tutorial will walk you through the steps required to get up and running in converting your Android Apps into Blackberry Playbook Apps and submit them to the Blackberry AppWorld for fun and profit! Video Tutorial: Convert an Android App to a Blackberry Playbook App   Links mentioned in the video.

MW3 Weapons Stats for Android

NOTE: This App is no longer available. Grab it from the Android Market: [MW3 Weapons Stats] I am exited to announce MW3 Weapon Stats for Android! My latest Android App, if you are a fan of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 you should definitely give this App a try, it is free and lets you view the stats for all the weapons in MW3, and even better lets you compare them side by side.

Unsub Criminal Minds quotes for Android

Unsub contains Criminal Minds Quotes Almost every Criminal Minds episode contains one or more classic quotes, now you can easily read and share these quotes with the World. Users approve! I can’t believe that this is free! ALOT of effort has been put into this. kudos to the dev!!!!! This is awesome it has all the quotes! Get this app! Share quotes with the World, through Twitter, Facebook or any other sharing capable App.

Programming for Android Video Tutorial

Programming for Android, Part 1, Installing everything you need. Part one of our Programming for Android tutorials, we go through setting up your development environment in excruciating detail! And we end by running a simple Hello World App in the emulator. Links: JRE: JDK: Eclipse: Android SDK and Eclipse Plugin Installing Android Development Stack

Motivational Quotes for Android is here!

Download Motivational Quotes for Android NOW! Over 1000 of the best inspirational and motivational quotes for Android. Great quotes from leaders, authors,philosophers and people from all walks of life. Share on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere you like. Beautifully presented. Full text search, lets you quickly find the quote you need. Use these quotes to inspire, motivate and enlighten you. “Winning is not everything but wanting to win is.

Fun with Android Markets new last 30 days Graph.

Fun with Android Markets new last 30 days graph. The Android Market web interface recently introduced a new feature, on every app details page there is a little graph which shows the installs the App has received over the last 30 days, and I think it makes for some interesting viewing. Its fascinating how something so small can reveal so much and yet keep so much hidden at the same time.

All of my current Apps in the Android Market Stockholm Subway Maps Plus Tip Master Tip Calculator Lightning Meter Unsub Criminal Minds Quotes Opening Hours

Where does MyBackup Pro store the backup?

Recently I had to go through backing up and restoring my Android phone, I chose MyBackUp Pro (Root) to do this. I backed up to SD(Memory Card) Copied the entire contents of the SD to my PC Then I reset everything on the phone including formatting the SD card Only when it came time to restore I found I didn’t know exactly in which folder MyBackup Pro stores its backups.