How to convert an Android App into a Blackberry Playbook App for fun and profit! (Video)

How to use the Blackberry Plugin for Eclipse to convert your Android Apps to run on the Blackberry Playbook. This video tutorial will walk you through the steps required to get up and running in converting your Android Apps into Blackberry Playbook Apps and submit them to the Blackberry AppWorld for fun and profit! Video Tutorial: Convert an Android App to a Blackberry Playbook App   Links mentioned in the video.

Programming for Android Video Tutorial

Programming for Android, Part 1, Installing everything you need. Part one of our Programming for Android tutorials, we go through setting up your development environment in excruciating detail! And we end by running a simple Hello World App in the emulator. Links: JRE: JDK: Eclipse: Android SDK and Eclipse Plugin Installing Android Development Stack

Windows Mobile Stockholm Metro (SL) App. Bana Plana (Beta)

THE APP IS TEMPORARILY DOWN DUE TO MAJOR CHANGES ON THE SL.SE WEB SITE, WHICH BROKE COMPATIBILITY WITH THE APP. A FIXED VERSION WILL BE UP SOON. This never happened 🙁 Bana Plana is a Windows Mobile Application to help you plan your SL trips. Its works across all the SL travel options not just the Metro, although it is optimized for the metro. I am making the Beta version available today so I can get some feedback and suggestions.