How to fix ACRA Spreadsheets getting to large in Google Docs and not opening.

If you are an Android developer, you might be familiar with the excellent ACRA library which allows you to receive your Apps crash reports into your Google Docs account as a spreadsheet. The only problem is Google Docs Spreadsheets fail catastrophically once they get to a certain size, you cant open them therefore you cant reduce their size, you cant download or export them. And if you choose to delete them then you will lose the connection between the App and the spreadsheet thus loosing any future crash reports (the spreadsheet and the app are linked by a form key imbedded in the App and unique on Google Docs).

Programming for Android, Installing everything you need, NEW Simpler Process

ADT Bundle installation and setup We go through setting up your development environment using the just release ADT Bundle which simplifies the installation process tremendously! And we end by running a simple Hello World App in the emulator. Links Java Verifier JRE and JDK Download ADT Bundle Download

Bongo Cinema Android App

Update: this App is no longer available. Coming to soon to the Vodacom App store and the Android Market.

SQL Server 2012 Trial Checksum x64

As of September 2nd 2012 Tip: Use Internet Explorer when downloading SQL Server 2012 Trial and allow the Akamai Download Manager to install, this way you will not get bad downloads and it has resume support. Link: MD5 Checksum: 45ec814de98df7764c1a421571dac585 SHA1: b06e3ca729d3337d91396cc9a966be04ad83f223 CRC32: 43c2220e SQLFULL_x64_ENU_Install.exe MD5 Checksum: 95e26fbfccaaba59d7c30d7ddc73152a SHA1: 8bab67be8017e9ba8279b726407650468c7b93f8 CRC32: c6a6c7e0 MD5 Checksum: 1f3eedbe14b8e683502604ab4d55b6dd SHA1: b6393abeacb461cd6ef332b842c2b236cef3f988 CRC32: d3569abf

Android Jelly Bean (4.1) aims to kill Notification Ads

Annoying pop ups on your Android phone notification area? Jelly Bean to the rescue! The new version of the Android OS 4.1 codenamed Jelly Bean introduces new features that allow the user more control over what apps can show notifications. Improvements to the notifications allow the user to quickly find out what App displayed a notification by simply long clicking a notification, this allows the user to either uninstall the App or disable all notifications coming from the App.

How to convert an Android App into a Blackberry Playbook App for fun and profit! (Video)

How to use the Blackberry Plugin for Eclipse to convert your Android Apps to run on the Blackberry Playbook. This video tutorial will walk you through the steps required to get up and running in converting your Android Apps into Blackberry Playbook Apps and submit them to the Blackberry AppWorld for fun and profit! Video Tutorial: Convert an Android App to a Blackberry Playbook App   Links mentioned in the video.

MW3 Weapons Stats for Android

NOTE: This App is no longer available. Grab it from the Android Market: [MW3 Weapons Stats] I am exited to announce MW3 Weapon Stats for Android! My latest Android App, if you are a fan of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 you should definitely give this App a try, it is free and lets you view the stats for all the weapons in MW3, and even better lets you compare them side by side.